Keep it tough, edgy and ancient inspired. Yes, we are going to speak about gladiator sandals. These shoes have returned in vogue and this year they are one of the biggest footwear trends. As you can see from the images below, you can choose the knee or ankle length versions. Some ladies think that it's quite hard to style gladiator sandals with their casual clothes, but thanks to this awesome street style collection, you are going to see basic tips on how to wear gladiator shoes in your everyday lives.

Keep an eye on these shoes height. If you do have beautiful and long legs, then I recommend to choose the knee length sandals. If you are a petite girl, then go for below the knee of near the ankle styles. Do not cut your silhouette in half visually, otherwise you will look really weird. Speaking of the straps width: if you have slender legs, then I suggest to choose wide strapped shoes, while those ladies who have thicker legs better choose thin straps. Thin strap sandals look awesome with voluminous skirts. There are so many awesome colors to choose from, starting from classic black and brown to nude, white and grey. If you want to visually elongate your legs, then I advice you to choose silver, pastel, nude, white or metallic colored sandals. Anyway, let's take a closer look at these street looks and choose our favorite outfits. Let me know which one of these looks you might wanna wear.





So ladies, which of these fabulous pair has your attention?